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Neonica watch

The black

The black color looks stylish in combination with stainless steel.








Nixie tube clock - Wrist Watch in the style of "Steampunk"
The new, self-made, watches with Nixie tubes Z5900.
The body is made from a single piece of stainless steel.
The glass - which is used in the iPhone (Gorilla glass)
Lithium-polymer battery. Enough for about 25 days without recharging.
Time format: 24 hours.
Docking station for charging is made from solid mahogany and decorated with items made of copper. Automatic charger with indication, the red lamp is lit when the battery is charging. Until the process is completed the lamp goes out.
Power supply included.
Quality Italian strap of leather, 32mm.

If you have questions, please contact. I'm happy to answer.
Handling time: usually 2-4 business days. If possible, I try quicker.


Slim size: 53 * 43 * 18mm
Time format: 24 hours.
Date format: Not available
Alarm: no
Water resistance: no
Weight: approximately 105 grams
Battery: Lithium-polymer, nonremovable.
Type of tubes: Z5900M
Accuracy: +/- 10 second per day
Operating Temperature: +1 to +40° / +33 to 105°F

Automatic charge indication: yes
Output: 5 volt
Voltage supply: 100 - 250
Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz
Power consumption: ≤ 5 W

1. Nixie Watch with strap
2. Docking station with 5 volt adapter