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Gorilla glass crush test
     Neonica crush test. How easy it is to break Gorilla glass?

Price list
     Neonica watch price, updated May 07, 2022
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Price list

I note that due to Covid, delivery is longer than usual. Delivery time cannot be predicted, it does not depend on me. It can be on the way for 2 weeks or 2 months via sea container. Don't be angry with me for this.

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Updated May 30, 2022

Price includes EMC worldwide shipping

- Paypal payment +10%
- Bank account
- Crypto

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Nixie Wrist Watch with two sides  1350usd









Nixie 2-tube Watch in the style of "Metro", Z5900M tubes, 3D accelerometer and RGB backlight 600usd









Nixie tube wristwatch styled Metro, Z5900M tubes, 3D accelerometer and RGB, NEW'21  1200 usd



Wrist Watch in the style of "Metro", 3D accelerometer and RGB, glow tubes  1200 usd



Nixie Watch Neonica, Display Back, Anatomical, 3D accelerometer and RGB backlight  1350 usd









Nixie watch with stainless steel bracelet; Minimal fashion and similar  1100 usd