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Neonica watch

Nixie Watch Neonica, Display Back, Anatomical















Nixie tube clock - Nixie Watch Neonica, Display Back. Model with 3D accelerometer and RGB backlight.

Anatomical structure of the watch case with display back.
The new, self-made, watches with Nixie tubes IN16.
The body is made from a single piece of stainless steel.
The glass - which is used in the iPhone (Gorilla glass)

Quality strap of leather, 30mm.
Automatic charger with indication, the red lamp is lit when the battery is charging. Until the process is completed the lamp goes out.


Size: diameter 64mm, height 20mm
Weight approximately 130g.
Time format: switchable, 24 or 12 hours.
Date format: MM/DD/YYYY
Animation: slot machine effect, 3 types, switchable
Sound: 5 levels, switchable
RGB backlight: preset colors, automatic color iteration, brightness control, switchable
3D accelerometer*: 9 difficulty settings, off, sleep mode
Lithium-polymer battery. Enough for about 10 days without recharging(at 20-30 switching on a day).

Water resistance: no
Accuracy: +/- 3 second per day (time correction option)
Time correction: switchable +/- 29s
Operating Temperature: +1 to +40° / +33 to 105°F

*The accelerometer lights the display if you rise you hand to watch the dial. The function works well if you wear the watch on your wrist. The microprocessor checks the movement of your hand and turns on the display. Wear the wrist watch and enjoy.
I worked hard to develop the algorithm for preventing the false display turns on. Please note it is impossible to prevent all the false turns on. Complaints about this function will not be accepted. If you don't like this functon, please turn it off.

1. Nixie Watch with strap
2. Wood box.